Centrale Lille

The facilities

Centrale Lille

The Ecole Centrale de Lille comprises 9 buildings situated on 20,000 m² (over 215,000 sq. ft.).  There are :

  • 4 amphitheatres
  • 27 classrooms
  • 1 building fully dedicated to IT
  • 1 multimedia language lab
  • 7 language rooms
  • 35 laboratories
  • 15 computer rooms

Of the total surface area, 800 m² (over 8,600 sq. ft.) are reserved for social and cultural life and include a cafeteria, a music hall, and relaxation areas.


Students may also acquire a personalised badge that gives them access to parking spaces and a bicycle garage.


Several types

of apartments

A 10-minute walk to the school

A 5-minute walk to the metro

Equipped with solarpanels


Residence Hall

The Residence Hall, also known as "Rez" by the many Centrale students who live there, is a group of buildings, just a 10-minute walk from the school and a 5-minute walk from the metro. The Léonard de Vinci residence hall offers students a pleasant and social place to live. It can accommodate 581 for Centrale Lille students and many services and recreational activities to enhance the housing experience for students.


Discover the Residence Hall



                                         Documentation centre

- 30 000 ouvrages, thèses et normes
- 600 périodiques
- 6 postes informatiques

The Documentation Centre provides support for the School's training and research missions by providing a wide range of documentary resources on various available media.  These resources cover the engineering sciences and the specific areas of research covered by the School's laboratories as well as economics, corporate management, project management, general culture, languages, current events and more.  


Web access to works and periodicals is provided through an online catalogue shared with that of the collective documentation service of                                                   the Université de Lille 1. 


Electronic documents can be accessed via online databases such as the Encyclopédie Universalis, les Techniques de l’Ingénieur, the IEEE, etc.

Available services:

  • Loans to students
  • Research
  • Bibliographic research assistance
  • Interlibrary loans
  • Making research widely available by uploading EC Lille dissertations to the Legal Electronic Depository and publishing them online on the CNRS* Open Archives site

*CNRS, the French centre for scientific research

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Nathalie Dangoumau
Communication department