Centrale Lille

Ecoles Centrales Group

5 + 1 Écoles Centrales:Lille, Lyon, Marseilles, Nantes, Paris and Beijing

Over 1,500 graduates each year.

Represent 12% of the research conducted in graduate engineering schools



There are five Ecoles Centrales, and each school has its own individual personality: Lille, Lyon, Marseilles, Nantes and Paris have decided to unite and form the Ecoles Centrales Group. Together, these schools have created the Ecole Centrale of Beijing.


First and foremost, this Group makes these establishments more visible to other institutions and to the economic world, thereby promoting partnerships with companies.  Moreover, this Group enables, engineering students to have a wider choice of educational opportunities since they can spend their third year in a different school of the group, studying different options or engineering courses.  


The six Ecoles Centrales share the same values and train elite, multidisciplinary engineers to be employed by major companies. Through determination and autonomy, the Ecole Centrale schools remain staunchly committed to developing both their complementarity and synergy, thereby enriching their shared potential for benefiting companies.


Exchange and cooperation

This takes place through progressively harmonising educational projectsand promoting student-engineer exchanges, especially through third-year options.


Exchange and cooperation are also exemplified through the coordination of research policies and related partnerships.


Finally, such efforts can be observed through generalised international experiences and harmonised policies, promoting the "Centrale" concept abroad (especially by involvement in the TIME network).


The significance of the network

The Ecoles Centrales Group awards its diplomas to 1,500 engineers every year. It brings together nearly 1,500 researchers and represents 12% of all research conducted in graduate-level engineering schools.


The network has a size and potential comparable to those of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Technische Universität Berlin or Polytechnic colleges of major European and American universities.


The network is the key to ensuring that the Ecoles Centrales Schools remain visible worldwide.


Centrale Beijing

The Ecole Centrale of Beijing awarded degree to its first class in January 2012.


The first official graduation ceremony for Ecole Centrale of Beijing engineers took place at the People's Place in Beijong in the presence of Thierry MARIANI, French Minister of Transport.


The 75 students of this class were recruited at the baccalaureate level (GaoKao) in 2005 and they all received their Master's degree from Beihang (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Atronautics) at the same time.

First opened in 2005, the Ecole Centrale of Beijing offers a six-year program to prepare elite engineers who are versatile, trilingual (Chinese, French, English) and capable of rapidly assuming major responsibilities in Chinese and French companies. 


After an intensive year of language study, students follow two years of preparatory studies before entering the final three years of engineering studies.

Created at the request of the Chinese government, the Ecole Centrale of Beijing is the first elite Grande Ecole to prepare French-speaking engineers in China. 


This school, which grew out of a close partnership between the Ecoles Centrales Group and the University of Beihang, acts as a real springboard for developing economic ties between France and China and forms a veritable breeding ground for high-level, bi-cultural engineers available to companies.

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