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Creation of the Ecole Professionnelle de Lille in1854

Aided by the government and backed by the towns and cities in the Nord administrative department of France and neighbouring departments, the city of Lille created a school for foremen to whom the title of industrial engineer would be awarded. At that time, there was a difference between state engineers (graduates of the Ecole Polytechnique,the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées,the Ecole des Mines de Paris or military academies)  and civil engineers (graduates of the Ecole Centrale de Paris or Lyon, the Ecole Mines d'Alès or de Saint-Etienne and others schools).

Creation of the IDN in 1872

Through an agreement signed on 5 October 1872 between the Nord administrative department and the city of Lille, the Institut Industriel Agronomique et Commercial du Nord (IDN or Agronomic and Commercial Industrial Institute of the Nord department of France) came into being. The IDN, was established on the rue Lombard at the site where the Ecole Impériale Mines et des Arts Industriels had been its closure the previous year.

Nationalisation en 1975

The school was nationalised on 23 April 1975.  Among other advantages, this nationalisation enabled the IDN to have permanent teachers to provide the students with effective guidance.


The Ecole Centrale de Lille in 1991

After discussions between Centrale Paris, Centrale Lyon, Ecole Mécanique de Nantes and the IDN, the four schools signed the Ecoles Centrales Intergroup Charter on 5 December 1990, etablishing the rules for collaboration among these schools.  The main objectves were to improve training and information, as well as to defend the title of engineer both in France and abroad.  The decree 91-758 of 31 July 1991 officialy renamed the Institut Industriel du Nord the Ecole Centrale de Lille.


In 2014 the Ecole Centrale de Lille celebrates its 160th anniversary


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