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To become an engineer from the Ecole Centrale de Lille is to follow a path enabling you to gain wide and in-depth scientific training as well as developing skills allowing you to take on a whole range of c

omplex and exciting challenges. It is also to adhere to certain values, such as open-mindedness, creativity, authenticity or team spirit.Our concern is to support you on this path and to help you carry out your projects, whether professional or personal, and realize your ambitions, both present and future.

As the newly elected Director of the Ecole Centrale de Lille, I am instigating a project geared towards innovation: innovation in our ways of teaching; innovation for the benefit of scientific, and also corporate, advances. From 2014 onwards, our School will begin building modular rooms containing hi-tech equipment to enable advanced teaching interactions which will provide you with better preparation for your future functions. You will be the first to take advantage of this vast project, but I’m also confident that you will play an active part in your training programme.

You will be able to adapt this programme to your own needs. Centrale Lille is committed to offering many possibilities throughout your studies and always in harmony with the corporate world.

Our numerous partnerships with renowned international universities and Business Schools, and our membership of the Ecoles Centrales Group constitute so many opportunities to construct your cursus according to your project.

Centrale Lille is fortunate to have an innovative and dynamic research environment through all the laboratories contained in the School, some of which have experimental equipment that is unique in Europe, and even in the world. This environment is also supported by a large network of institutional and corporate partners which, in turn, benefit from the training of our future engineers.

Because we feel that your success is also ours, all the administrative and technical staff and research professors and teachers are at your side on a daily basis to share and contribute to the finalization of your projects.

Accordingly, it is with great enthusiasm and ambition for you that I welcome you to Centrale Lille.


Emmanuel DUFLOS

Director of Centrale Lille

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