Gatherings / events

More than 310 participants from the corporate world take part in student academic life.


Organisation of round tables

These meetings are organised between companies and engineering students. Companies oversee debates and meet engineering students to present to their business and their human resources strategy.
On the programme: Workshops on CVs, cover letters and recruitment interviews. Operational training on job search strategies.



This year, 27 companies participated in these meetings; these companies included 3 Suisses, Airbus, ArcelorMittal, Logica, Norpac, and Veolia.


Organisation of the company forum

The greatest success of metropolitan Lille in 2011: Over 80 major companies hosted and more than 40,000 students submitted applications.


This forum, organised by a student association, enabled companies and students to meet and hold discussions. In concrete terms, students were able to submit applications for jobs, internships and caesurae.






Prestigious sponsors

Each graduating year is assigned a sponsor, which enables students to quickly enter into contact with the corporate world. At the beginning of the year, an evening is organised to present the sponsor.  The sponsor supports students during their studies.



2011-2014 Graduating class: Philippe Vasseur, President of the Alliances network and the Worldforum Lille, former Minister and President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Nord-Pas de Calais Region
2012-2015 graduating class: Denis Terrien, managing director 3 Suisses International Group
2013-2016 graduating class: Hubert Sagnières, Chairman Essilor International

Denis TERRIEN, Directeur général Groupe 3 Suisses International - See more at:
Denis TERRIEN, Directeur général Groupe 3 Suisses International - See more at:



Company visit and conferences

Each year, renowned companies open their door to future Centrale graduates. Each student is assigned to a promotion and spends the day with the person in charge of the function.  This enables students to observe and discover how a company and a business works. The BDE also works with the Ecole to organise conferences by inviting companies to present their activity and possible related careers. What's more, they enable students to gain further knowledge about the companies' area of activity.


This yearL’Oréal, Bouygues Construction and Ernst&Young, among others, took part.

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