Study Projects

Project Activity - 1stand 2ndyears

There are forty projects each year Student + Professors = An astounding combination !
  • Study project as a team of 6 or 7 students
  • A project conducted over 3 or 4 semesters
  • 300 hours of project time slotted in during the first and second years
  • A supervisory team available
  • Choose your own subject
  • Relationship with a real client - an industrial partner
  • Material and human resources
  • A successful project is necessary for students to pass their common core studies

The project activity has been an essential component of a Centrale education since 1992 and the school is justifiably proud of its success. It enables students to work on a real corporate problem, to understand the challenges of working in a team, to meet deadlines and to manage risks.  The project is also a mean for personal development.

The project activity enables students to learn about:

  • Teamwork(responsible commitment, initiative, constructive attitudes)
  • Project management(planning, risk management, client relations management, supplier management and budget management, assessing value)
  • Technical expertise(understanding complex systems, technical specialisation)


Impact" Project - 3rdyear

"Initiative, mission, project and action"

Impact corresponds to an activity lasting approximately one month and leading to personal work in combination with an in-depth option and/or selected third-year professional stream.Thanks to this project, students can work a subject of their choosing and examine it independently and individually. This gives student the opportunity to personalize their education and/or to clarify their professional project by discovering more about a specific subject on their own terms. The goal is to make engineering students more responsible while enabling them to define their professional project.

“Impact” enables students to:

  • Be responsible
  • Participate in company life
  • Work on an individual and industrial project
  • Specify their professional project 


  • Work done during the activity
  • Written report submitted to the supervisor one week before the viva voce
  • Oral presentation

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