An international experience

- Students must gain at least 3 months of international experience

- Students spend an average of 8 months abroad

- There are over 88 partner universities worldwide

- The Ecole boasts over 20 nationalities

- 20% of the student body is foreign


The Ecole Centrale de Lille places great importance of shaping international future Centrale graduates. Therefore, there are many possibilities for students to live and study abroad:

Dual degree

After two years in the common core syllabus, students can spend two years in an Ecole partner university. Students have the opportunity to become truly bicultural and obtain a degree from an elite university in another country. Hence, at the end of such coursework, students simultaneously obtain two degrees: one from the partner university and one from the Ecole. 

Applications: students submit applications early in their second year at the Ecole.  Once applications have been approved by an internal Ecole commission, the Office of International Education helps each student prepare an admissions file for the partner institution as well as prepare for the actual move to the international institution.

Financial aid is possible: from the European Union (ERASMUS), from France (CROUS mobility aid), from the Regional Council of the Nord-Pas de Calais region of France (BLERIOT) and from other territorial organisations that help finance student mobility.

There are many dual degree agreements: 55

20% of the Centrale student body pursues a dual degree.

Semestre 8 (second semester of the second year)

Students can experience a semester abroad at a foreign Ecole partner university. The purpose of such an experience is for students to obtain a significant initial international experience by taking classes and/or doing a project.   The education and training received are validated in the original degree course as credits.

Applications: applications are prepared in early G2.  Candidates must not have submitted an application for a Dual Degree; an internal commission studies the applications and selects candidates.

Financial aid is possible, just as for the dual degree.

Internships (caesura) in companies or research projects in a laboratory

Students can have an international experience during a summer job in a company, during a language immersion course, or during any other similar encounter. The Centrale Lille International Relations Department and the Internship Department give advice to students, starting in their first year, on destination countries and programs that are accessible during school holidays.

Applications: Students apply directly to a company or can be assisted by the School if requesting an internship in a partner university laboratory.

 Financial aid is possible, in the same way as for the dual degree, even though priority is given to dual degree students who are on a three- or four-year plan of degree course study.


Centrale graduate engineer, a choice for all

Centrale graduate engineer, a choice for all

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