International Students

There are several ways in which international students can be admitted to the Ecole Centrale de Lille.
Each year, approximately 50 students from all around the world are admitted, thereby enriching the culture and adding to the diversity of the Ecole and the student body.


Obtain a general engineering degree from the Ecole

International students can be accepted directly into the 3 years of engineering coursework at Centrale Lille after passing a national entrance examination or undergoing a special post-Bachelor of Sciences degree selection process.


Obtain a double degree from Centrale Lille and your university of origintenir

International students begin their studies in their university of origin and then enrol in the Ecole Centrale for two years of a common-core syllabus. After completing the common-core syllabus, they return to their university of origin for two years. Following this bicultural educational experience, these students obtain two degrees.

Applications: Depend on the partner university

Financial aid may be possible: through the French government Bourse Eiffel scholarship or through governmental aid from the country that sends its students to France

Obtain a Masters Research Degree from Centrale Lille

Many Centrale Lille Research Master’s programs (seven areas of study) are open to foreign students arriving after the first year of a Master's degree program in an approved course of study. Such students are admitted directly into the second year of a Master's at the Ecole after outstanding first-year results from their university of origin.

Applications: from February to April through Campus France

Study for one semester at the Ecole Centrale de Lille

Within the scope of agreements between Centrale Lille and a candidate's university of origin, international students can follow semester 8 courses.

Applications: in the fall, when the new French university academic year begins

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Centrale graduate engineer, a choice for all

Centrale graduate engineer, a choice for all

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