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Earn a PhD

A further three years of study after a Master's degree enables students to acquire a PhD.

The work involved leads the student to acquire expertise in a more specific area after completing general engineering studies. Such students develop synoptic, abstract and analytical skills, which, are transferable outside the area of research and can enable PhD graduates to reach the upper echelons of a company.

PhDs are degrees recognised the world over.  They enable holders to attain high level positions across the globe and to build an international career.

The nature of studies in a French general engineering school, such as the Ecole Centrale de Lille, based on a wide range of funtamental disciplines and the encouragement of an open mind, will be important in helping students to earn their Ph.D.


Career opportunities

There are numerous career opportunities:

  • Corporate careers in France or abroad
  • Careers as a researcher in a laboratory or research organisation


Retour sur la journée de la recherche à Centrale Lille

Retour sur la journée de la recherche à Centrale Lille

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