Research in an engineer's training

Research is omnipresent in an engineering school, since professors there have two missions : to teach and to do research. 

This is a real difference compared with the teaching of today. This is also a real plus because as researchers, our professors have a task to explore and extend the limits of knowledge. They must constantly keep abreast of the latest knowledge in their chosen area.

Hence, the teaching at Centrale is always at the cutting edge of research.


Research at the Centrale Lille is a source of innovation for partner companies 

Advancing knowledge and innovating - these are the missions of the Ecole's research teams.

The Ecole is a natural partner for any company wishing to create value and innovate. Companies will naturally turn to research laboratories for help in developing their business.


Research, as well as teaching, is one of the keys to the Ecole's prestige.

The quality of the research conducted at the Ecole is a result of the pre-eminence and dynamism of its laboratories as well as the work provided by the research teams (through contracts with companies, publications and patents, for example), which have enabled the Ecole to win acclaim in France and worldwide.

Furthermore, Double Degree agreements signed between the Ecole and partner universities often originate in research collaborations.

How to learn more about research


  • Internships in Ecole laboratories, in research organisations (such as INRIA, CNRS, INSERM) or in our 80 partner universities
  • Research conferences that enable PhD students and corporate liaisons to visit the Ecole laboratories...
  • In the third year: sign up for a Research Master's and in the research stream


Retour sur la journée de la recherche à Centrale Lille

Retour sur la journée de la recherche à Centrale Lille

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