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There are many associations to choose from at the Ecole Centrale de Lille! Over 70 associations and clubs enable students to express their talents, their ability to organise, communicate and manage. They can learn more about their professional future and life in general.

Here are just some of the existing associations :

Sociales - Humanitarian

  • Impulsion : Fights for equal opportunities in disadvantaged high schools. Through the Impulsion association, Centrale Lille is involved in the "Une grande école, pourquoi pas moi?" (Why not a Grande Ecole for me ?) program, which consists of accompanying young high school students for three years to encourage them to go on to take higher education.
  • Cheer up : Helps 12 to 25-year-old cancer patients develop projects that are important to them.
  • Engineers without borders.


  • Centrale Lille Prestige: Organises the Ecole's annual Gala
  • La Foy’s team: Organises entertainment at the foyer (the Centrale students common room at their hall of residence) through themed events and evenings.
  • Engine hearing.


  • Les Mots Dits: The Ecole Centrale de Lille theatre troupe put on four productions in 2011 and took part in several festivals.
  • Ze Big Bandhoulle: Ecole Centrale de Lille brass band.
  • Le CLAP(Centrale Lille Audiovisual Production): Creates daily televised programs and video reports on a private television station.
  • Photo club
  • Léon’art
  • Literature club
  • Plug’in
  • Paon d’art


  • Centrale Lille Projets: Junior Enterprise - Ranked among the eight best. For nearly 40 years, CLP has been offering engineering students the opportunity to take part in corporate projects.
  • Forum rencontre: Organises a corporate forum to allow Centrale student to meet companies and submit a CV for an internship or employment. A hundred or so companies are present over two days.
  • StartNup

Recreational activities

  • Centr’All Games: Rents out board games (there are several dozen in stock) and organises an annual public chess tournament, called "Lille aux échecs".
  • Montgolfiades: Organises a weekend to enable anyone to discover hot air balloonings. This is now one of the major events in the regional calendard.
  • Cooking club
  • Magic club
  • Oenologie club
  • Comm’ Pyro
  • Rezoleo : The school computer club that teaches members how to manage an IT network.
  • Club Time : A club for international students: welcomes foreign students and organises integration evenings and trips to discover France.
  • Oraux’Scope
  • Pub en Taupe
  • Le F’ti
  • And many more! For further information, visit

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