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Introducing the Students'Union


The Centrale Lille Students'Union is a group of highly motivated students whose goal is to liven up Ecole life.

They are responsible for organising all association events at Centrale Lille (evenings, integration months, WEI, and so on).  The Students'Union is also the association that offers prestigious corporate conferences, organises voyages throughout the year and takes charge of distributing annals to first-year students for exam periods, while managing a site for sharing on classwork and tutorials.

At the heart of the Centrale life, the BDE has also developed a Smartphone application to enable students to stay informed about what's going in the School’s associations.

In short, the Students'Union is there to liven up the School and the Rez. It acts as a link between Centrale students and partner companies, the administration, and other schools.


INtroducing the BDA


Culture? Art? Do students in preparatory study EVER get to hear these words? Well, at the Ecole, they do! As soon as you arrive at Centrale, your BDA Arts Office takes care of everything so that you can enjoy or just discover artistic activities that are traditionally abandoned during the preparatory years. 

There's something for everyone.  We offer competitive prices for theatre, opera, concerts and films. However, the BDA does not just sell tickets.  We organise events throughout the year (outings, concerts, shows, exhibitions) and work with the school's artistic associations to enliven the Ecole's artistic and cultural life.

For literature lovers, we have a comic book library and offer book lending to residence hall inhabitants. Be an artist, be crazy! Give art a chance!

Introducing the  BDS


The role of the BDS Athletic Office is to vitalise the athletic life of Centrale students. At the school, there are over 40 athletic clubs that you can discover throughout the year!

We prepare many events for you:


  • Tournaments in Lille and elsewhere: Tournoi 5 Ballons, Tournoi 4 Raquettes, Challenge Centrale Lyon, Intercentrales, TOSS at Supélec...
  • Travel: We will take you to Munich and Amsterdam for rugby and volleyball tournaments, and to the mountains to ski!
  • You will enjoy exciting evenings with us...

So, whether you are crazy about the playing field, the stadium or the dance floor, get ready to play and enjoy this event-filled year!

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