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25%of the population of Lille is under the age of 25

Lille, a city to discover

The Greater Lille Metropolitan Area is the French city with the second highest number of corporate head offices. It is also the N°1 European site for correspondence and distance selling.

Lille, city of culture

Lille has an exceptional architectural heritage. The city provides traces of its historical past (The  Ceitadel designed by Vauban), and industrial, past interspersed with glimpses of its future. As the European Capital of Culture in 2004, Lille is now a cultural reference, with its 15 museums, including the Palais des Beaux-Arts, - the largest museum in France after the Louvre.


Lille, a festive city for students

Lille is the third largest French university city with more than 100,000 students studying in four universities and over twenty Grandes Ecoles, including Centrale Lille. With the youngest population in France, Lille is a lively metropolis.  The population is characterised by the ease with which it organises festive events that bring people together, like its famous Braderie in the first weekend of September.

With their long-standing tradition of hosptality, the people in the North of France know how keep up a convivial relationship with those who decide to live and work there.  Being hard-working and caring for others are two qualities that the people of the North still cultivate. The third quality is without a doubt their legendary and regularly displayed festive spirit.


Presentation of Lille

Presentation of Lille

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