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Alumni association

An association to serve the Centrale community

The Association des Centraliens de LIlle alumni association(also called the Association des Ingénieurs) was launched in 1877 to enable Centrale graduates to remain touch with each other.

It was recognised as a public service association in 1913. Today, it is a solid network of 10,000 engineering graduates who live and work across the globe.  This network represents the shared history and values that help develop companies in France and abroad.

Representing, informing, providing a place for contact and discussion, helping manage careers...this is what the Alumni association and those who run it aim to do; the actions of the elected officers, permanent team members and volunteer Centrale graduates (members of graduating classes, professional groups, corporate networks, regional groups and international groups) ensure a Centrale Lille graduate presence worldwide to perpetuate the dynamism of the association in France and beyond. 

Since 2008, the Centrale de Lille Alumni Association has been a member of the Confédération des Associations Centraliennes (Centrale Alumni Association Federation), which represents 37,000 engineers (Lille-Lyon-Marseilles-Nantes-Paris and Beijing).

This Centrale graduate network attests to the energy of our graduates in the global economy, public administrations and schools.

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Vincent Gervais
Head of Academics and Student Life

AI - Association des Ingénieurs
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