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3rd year

The third year of the degree course is intended to provide students with in-depth study in the chosen area by selectinga scientific and professional option to consolidate and extend the knowledge needed to successfully embark on a chosen career. However, students also have other possibilities to turn their professional project into reality.

They may choose an in-depth scientific option.

Students choose from 11 options :

  • Advanced Mechanics
  • Civil Engineering
  • Materials, Energy and Life sciences
  • Waves, Nanoelectronics and Telecommunications
  • Electrical Energy and Sustainable Development
  • Decisions and Data Analysis
  • E-Business and Mobility
  • Transport Systems and Logistics
  • Strategies and Organizational Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Production Systems Engineering

And, from six professional options :

  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Management-Audit-Consulting
  • Planning, Construction, the Environment
  • Innovative Product and System Design
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Research


Other possibilities for carrying out a professionnal project :  

- Mobility within the Ecoles Centrales group:

in accordance with their professionnal project, each student can choose their final-year scientific and professionnal option in another Ecole Centrale in France.

- Research Path: all students interested in pursuing a path towards research, and with the possible aim of preparing a doctoral degree, can take an advanced scientific option whilst studying in parallel for a Research Master’s Degree at the School.

- Professional Training Contract: since 2012, students have been able to carry out their third year in apprenticeship, taking an advanced scientific course whilst in a company.

- Management Path: the School has created a partneship with two Management Grandes Ecoles in the region.

  • SKEMA Business School: each student chooses an advanced scientific option at the School and, in parallel, prepares an MSc in Project Management business development at SKEMA
  • EDHEC Business School: a Double Degree (2 years at Centrale Lille and 2 ans  at Edhec to obtain the two degrees) is possible with Edhec in Business Management or Financial Economics

- International Path: numerous Double Degrees are offered with 85 of the most prestigious universities in the world(2 years at Centrale Lille and 2 years in an overseas university)

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