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Common core syllabus


The first two years at the Ecole Centrale de Lille focus on a common core syllabus with compulsory and optional coursework, a project and internships :

First and second year classes (compulsory and optional coursework)

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In the first and second year, the courses are organised in a a Common Core Syllabus, comprising three subjects areas :  

Engineering sciences (four academic departments) :

  • Mathematics, information Technology (Probablities, integration and transforms, DIgital Analysis and Optimisation, Complexity and Advanced Algorithms, information and Mico information System Modelling)
  • Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Automation (Signal processing, Electrical networks and Electrical energyconversion, Electromechanic and Speed variation, Electronic systems, Automation)
  • Material Sciences (Introduction to the physics of solids, Transfer sciences,Thermodynamics and materials, Aerohydrodynamics, Material sciences)
  • Mechanisms, Structures and Works (Mechanics of structures, Mechanics of mechanisms, Systems design,  Systems dimensioning,  Implementation and processes)

Business sciences (one department) :

  • Companies and Society (Communication,Sociology of organisations,  Approaches to CorporateAccounting and Finance, Economics,  Management,  Law)

Foreign languages (two languages are required, including English)

After the first-year internship(mid-February),optional (elective) coursework is added to the Common core coursework:

  •  Intradisciplinary electives (1  to  7  choices from 70classes): Mathematics and cryptography,Solar photovoltaics, Audible acoustics and vibrations, Digital and algorithmic tools for automation,  ...
  •  Multidisciplinary electives (1 to 3 choices from 10 classes): Architectural design and sustainable construction,From thermal to hybrid engine systems, Eco-design, Bioengineering, Energy strategies and alternatives for electricity production

+ Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics
In parallel, every student has the opportunity to enroll at the Université des sciences et technologies Lille 1 on the same campus as our School, in order to prepare a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. Thanks to an adapted timetable, the courses can be taken mainly in S6 and S7, between the first and second year. Every year, around ten students from Centrale Lille choose this option.


Internships and Gap year

Training for the professional world starts in the very first year. In all, there are 10months of in-company internships.

1st  year:  a 4- to 5- weeks “Discovering Corporate life”’ internship (January –  February)

2nd  year:  a 3-month “Engineering assistant” internship (June-July-August)

Students can opt for a professional gap year between the 2nd  and 3rd  year : to gain experience for the professional future or to enrich their personal experience.


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An international Experience

International experience of at least three months is compulsory during studies at Centrale  Lille, either via an internship in a company or a research laboratory at a partner university, an exchange semester in a partner university or asummer job…there are many possiblities to enable you to have a most rewarding experience..

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Project Activity

Work in a team with six other students to bring a corporate client project to fruition. Professors will provide advice and  back-up over the 2-years period !

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