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The Ecole Centrale de Lille has many agreements with universities and other Grande Ecoles to offer its students the possibility of obtaining a dual degree (DD). By studying for two years at the Ecole and two years in a partner university or school, DD students can obtain an Ecole Centrale de Lille degree and a degree from the partner establishment.Hence, at the end of such coursework, students simultaneously obtain two degrees.  There are a limited number of DD spots (50 or so) decided by the Ecole's Board of Directors each year. Candidates prepare an application early in their second year of study.  An internal Ecole commission validates the applications. 


There are two types of DDs:


The Edhec DD

Since 2011, the Ecole Centrale de Lille has been partnering with the Edhec Business School to offer its engineering students the opportunity to obtain a dual degree from Centrale and one of France's most prestigious schools of management. Edhec DD students can embark upon one of two study streams:

  • The "Strategy and Organisation Consultancy" MSc in business management stream
  • One of any Financial Economics MSc stream programs.

After the school validates the application file, candidates submit their profiles to Edhec. Depending on the chosen MSc, the classes can be taken on the Edhec Lille or Edhec Nice campus. The courses are provided in English.

International DDs

Obtaining a top degree from a foreign university is a real plus when embarking upon a high-level career. These dual degrees thus offer the possibility of becoming truly bicultural with a fully open mind. The Office of International Education helps each student prepare an admissions file for the partner institution as well as prepare for the actual move to the international institution.

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